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5 Best Christmas gifts for Architects

Welcome to Architect Gadgets and to the Christmas gifts for Architects post!

Christmas is around the corner and here at Architect Gadgets we have decided to help you find the best gadgets that you could give to the Architect in your family or friends. In our Christmas gifts for Architects post, we have selected five gadgets in different price ranges so you can choose the one that fits best your budget. Enjoy!


Best Christmas gift for Architects (under 15 dollars)

Google Cardboard Virtual Reality Glasses

Official Google Cardboard

Using your smartphone and VR apps, games, or videos, Google cardboard puts you into stunning environments that stretch out all around you.
Cardboard supports most Android or iOS phones with screen sizes from 4 to 6 inches. It also has an interactive click button that works with all compatible phones.²
Cardboard assembles in three simple steps. It also Features custom-designed, high-quality lenses for immersive visuals and a partially laminated body for durability.

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Price: $14.95

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With this gadget you will not be able to play video games or watch movies properly. However, with the Google Cardboard Virtual Reality Glasses, Architects can easily view previously created 360-degrees panoramas.

What does that mean? Basically, once the Architect has created the 360-degrees panorama in the program of her choice (Revit, 3ds Max…), the Architect or the client will put the glasses on and will be able to see the space as if it was already built (in 3 dimensions), turning around to see different sides of the room. For example, the Architect creates a panorama with the view being from the sofa in the living room of the new house she is designing. When the building workers puts the VR glasses on, he can turn around and see the space from that point of view, visit to know more. It helps a lot with decision making and it also helps clients understand the result, something that is more difficult with only 2D drawings.

Please note that this is only possible if the Architect is working with Revit or Archicad. However, if that is not the case, she had better make the jump fast!


Best Christmas gift for Architects (under 20 dollars)

Anker lipstick-sized portable charger (3350MAH)

This is a great gift for Architects who are more out of than in the office. Probably, they are always looking for a plug to charge a tablet, a phone or any other gadget. Due to its size, they will be able to bring this portable charger wherever they go. For example, it can easily fit in a pocket when the Architect goes to a site visit and he can easily charge whatever is needed with it.


Best Christmas gift for Architects (under 50 dollars)

Bosch GLM 20 Laser measure

One of our most recommended laser measures, this device will change the Architect life and will speed up any measuring work that needs doing. We did a full review of this product here. If you like the idea of a laser measure but prefer a different product, check our 10 Best Laser measures for Architects post for alternatives.


Best Christmas gift for Architects (under 100 dollars)

 HUION H610PRO Graphics tablet

HUION H610PRO V2 10 x 6.25 inch Graphics Tablet Drawing Tablet with 8192 Battery-Free Stylus Tilt Function, 8 Shortcut…

Large Drawing Surface 10-by-6.25 inches, never feel restricted by space again
With 2048 levels of pressure sensitivity applied, the lines transition from thin to thick will be fluid and precisely under your control
8 customizable express keys and 16 hotkeys along the top for shortcuts, can be mapped to your own preference; Can be used for both left and right handed users

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Price: $55.99

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How cool would it be to draw anything and not have to scan it? This graphics tablet allows Architects (and artists and anybody else) to draw anything they want and instantly save it electronically. No more paper waste, no more time lost scanning. It is the future and it is here!


Best Christmas gift for Architects (under 500 dollars)

 New Matter MOD-T Desktop 3D Printer

New Matter MOD-t Desktop 3D Printer | Built-In WiFi, Easy to Use, Safe and Quiet

Elegantly Simple - Easy setup allows you to begin 3D printing within 20 minutes
WiFi Enabled - Print wirelessly from your computer, tablet, or smartphone
High Quality Reliability - Expect a higher print success rate and resolutions as fine as 50 microns

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Price: $499.00

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This 3D printer will be game changing for any Architect or Architect student. Normally, it is a gadget that people would not buy because they see it as unnecessary. However, once you have one, you will wonder how you ever lived without it. Therefore it makes for a perfect gift. The Architect can easily create 3D models of  entire projects or of specific parts for testing and for showing to the client. This gadget will improve the Architect’s decisions and, at the same time, blow her clients away.


We hope you found our best Christmas gifts for Architects useful. If you have any suggestion, please leave them below! You can also visit to know more about financing options available.


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